A former motorsport reporter and automotive journalist, Laura Byrd is an automotive coach and facilitator. 

Byrd’s automotive and motorsport career began in 1992; a passion ignited by her father’s longtime vocation as the general sales manager for a Cadillac store, and his passion for racing. A longtime “car guy,” her father mentored her in all things automotive related, and eventually influenced her career direction. A direction that began as a television motorsport reporter. 

From race reporter to writer of new vehicle reviews for newspapers and magazines, Byrd lived and worked in Italy for three years, creating stories and photography for Vintage Motorsport Magazine. Today she specializes in automotive product training, process coaching, new automotive technologies, and elevating the experience in all areas of the retail store.  

Familiar with both the sales and fixed operations of a dealership, Byrd brings a broad base of knowledge and experience to her training, with an emphasis on customer engagement and relationship. Utilizing her knowledge of the luxury automotive segment, she encourages strong product knowledge in a changing retail environment, where elevating the customer experience is essential to success, time saving is key, and digital tools play a large part in the future of automotive retailing.  

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